Our Mission

ORG exists to promote democratically responsive governance as a driving force for stability and prosperity through strengthening state-society relations.

Our Vision

A peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Sudan.

ORG is a national non-governmental organization committed to contributing constructively towards achieving the resolution made by South Sudan’s leaders in the 2011 Declaration of Independence:
“to establish a system of governance that upholds the rule of law, justice, democracy, human rights and respect for diversity”

ORG recognizes this resolution as a historical reference point and the foundation upon which a peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Sudan should be built. ORG commits to mobilize South Sudanese towards the preservation, promotion, pursuit and true realization of this noble national resolution.

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Our Uniqueness & Strengths

ORG draws its inspiration from the historical and foundational promises of the South Sudanese nation. ORG employs a strategy of partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders including government, civic groups, development partners and community structures.
Management and implementation of ORG’s programs are entrusted in the hands of professional and dedicated staff. They have convincing track record of excellence, working for national and international organizations in South Sudan.
Staff of ORG are well versed with the political, social and economic contexts of South Sudan and the region. They have good working relations and connections with public institutions, community structures, national, regional and international institutions.